This is a listing of US-based RC soaring clubs and contest organizations that do F5J. If your group is not on this list please forward your info via the Contact page. Thanks.

Sacramento Valley Soaring Soc. (SVSS)CAwebsite
Central Valley RC (CVRC)CAwebsite
Down East Soaring Society (DESS)NCwebsite
Albuquerque Soaring Assn (ASA)NMwebsite
East Valley Electric Flyers (EVEF)AZwebsite
Rocky Mountain Soaring Assn (RMSA)COwebsite
Helena Flying Tigers (HFT)MTwebsite
South Bay Soaring Society (SBSS)CAwebsite
Lancaster Area Soaring Society (LASS)PAwebsite
Eastern Soaring League (ESL)PAwebsite
Rhode Island Soaring Club (RISC)RIwebsite


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