FAI Rules

The easiest way to view the latest FAI rules for F5J is to download the following PDF document. It has been edited to only show the F5J ruleset.

If you want to go right to the source you can download the full set of FAI rules from the FAI CIAM Documents page, then click “Sporting Codes”, then click “Sporting Code – Section 4: Aeromodelling”, then download “Sporting Code Section 4 – F5 Electric“. That will get you a PDF file that has all F5 (electric) rulesets, including F5J.

F5J Tutorial Outlines

Clubs and contest groups that would like to offer F5J learning sessions are welcome to use the following tutorial outlines. These were used by the Sacramento Valley Soaring Society during the 2015 season and greatly helped to orient the pilots to FAI rules and basic F5J strategy.

These documents are provided in PDF format. If you would like the .DOC originals please request them via the Contact page. Thanks.

Last updated: Mar 26, 2019

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