(updated 3-25-2017)

General Info

F5J versus ALES discussion (RC Groups)
F5J? ALES? What’s the difference? (RC Groups)
ALES, F5J and F5J Lite (RC Groups)
Understanding F5J Start Height (f5j-usa.com)

eSoaring.net – the main electric soaring contesting site in the UK. This site includes an F5J Competitions and Discussion forum.

F5J Canada – The home of competitive thermal soaring in Canada.

Contest Affiliations

F5J INTERTOUR Contest schedule – INTERTOUR has been active since 2010 and is the biggest F5J contest tour in the world (>25 countries). A growing number of 2-day US contest events are signing up to be a part of this popular world tour.

Eurotour F5J Contest Schedule – Another popular European tour with an F5J section.

F5J Altimeter/Motor Run Timer (AMRT) devices

Devices that enable RC electric gliders to adhere to F5J contest requirements. This is a partial list.

Altis v4 (AerobTec) — Review/discussion of Altis (RC Groups)
CAMf5j (Soaring Circuits) — Easy to use F5J altimeter. No programming required.


GliderScore for F5J program
Review/discussion of GliderScore (RC Groups)


Beginner’s F5J tutorial (YouTube)

F5J Eurotour Weilheim, Sept 2016 – (YouTube, 2mins) Classic low altitude launch “battle” during first flyoff round.

European F5J contest video series – The F5J community is fortunate to have Jure Pečar record many regional contests. If you have never flown F5J they are fun and educational to watch. Selected videos are highlighted below:

F5J Tisza Cup 2015 in Hungary (YouTube, 30mins) This video covered the flyoff rounds. As you watch note how many pilots are flying. Remember, only the top 30% of pilots are in the flyoffs so you can see how popular F5J is in Europe. You’ll see some pilots who gambled too low on launch and paid the price. Otherwise lots of good low-altitude flying to watch.

F5J German Open 2013 in Weilheim (YouTube, 26mins) This is a great demonstration of a contest task where everyone took a shot at staying very low for maximum points. Start viewing at 5:35 for the launch and low altitude gaggle where 3 planes finally made it up with lots of good thermaling while 2 failed after giving their best. This is what F5J is all about. Note the smooth steady thermal circling by the pilots. Also note there is not a foam plane anywhere in sight.

F5J 2014 German Open, Weilheim (YouTube, 39 mins) The following year’s F5J contest in Weilheim. A cloudy day but still good air for many.

F5J 2014 South Moravia Cup (YouTube, 52 mins) Another example of F5J contest tasks attempted by aggressive pilots who take low launch altitudes mostly over a grove of apricot trees. The risk of tangling with the treetops is evident.

F5J 2013 Holič flyoffs & refly (YouTube, 30 mins)  Since this video is just of the fly-off rounds the pilots are all flying aggressively i.e. attempting low altitude Start Heights. Here are times for some specific events:
1:20  Low altitude launches, fly-off round 1.
12:30  Low altitude launches, fly-off round 2.
14:50  Midair collision, round 2.
18:30  Details of the plane damage from the midair at 14:50.
21:00  Low altitude launch, refly round.
22:00  A truly amazing very low altitude launch. Tight turns on a wingtip and up she goes!