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USA Team Selects-  An Overview of What’s Coming

Last updated: Jan 9, 2021
As a result of “virus rescheduling” the next FAI F5J world championships (WC) was rescheduled in Bulgaria to 2022. That would have put the next USA Team Selects (TS) contest in 2021. However, with the ongoing uncertainty of international travel this may not happen. Here is a Jan 6 2021 update from FAI-F5 TS Committee member Steve Neu:

Based on some recent discussion regarding FAI class 1 events on the schedule for 2021 by members of the F5 SC I would say there is considerable doubt that the current schedule will be possible based on the fact that international air travel is still not easily possible now and may not be for many more months. What that means is that events on the schedule for 2021 may not happen which will require the FAI to reshuffle the schedules again which likely would affect the 2022 schedules.

What this means is that planning can go on for a TS but expect the WC timing to change from 2022 to 2023. 

Recently Steve Manganelli, US FAI-F5 Team Selection Program Manager, re-activated the RC Groups thread on the 2021 Team Selection process. You can follow that discussion here.


Here is a brief review of the process the USA F5J community will follow that will lead us to the next Team Selects event.

  • The organizing AMA body that is responsible for managing the USA F5J TS event is the USA FAI-F5 Team Selection Committee* that is headed by Steve Manganelli. Three members of that committee–David Beach, Lenny Keer, and Steve Neu are also F5J USA Tour Advisory Group members. Several other active F5J pilots are also on that committee. As such, the USA F5J community is well represented.
  • The TS process is defined, in detail, in the 2018 Team Selection Program Plan. This is a perpetual document that explains the fees, procedures, etc. to be used in soliciting bids from clubs who wish to have the Team Selects at their field. This document also defines the process of selecting a team manager for the USA WC team.
  • According to the Plan the USA F5J TS must be held between July 1 and October 30 of the year of the scheduled TS event. The specific date can be chosen by the hosting club based on expected weather and other club needs.
  • Bids from potential hosting clubs must be sent to the AMA postmarked no later than March 31 of the TS event year.
  • The TS event will be run under full FAI F5J rules. All AMRT (altimeter) units must be FAI approved. All planes will be inspected for FAI compliance before the TS contest commences. This may also include verification of minimum wing loading.
  • The TS event must be conducted over a 3 or 4 day period. There are no fly-offs. All pilots compete all days. There is one discard over the entire TS event. All but the last day will be 10 minute rounds; the final day’s flights will be 15 minute rounds.
  • Juniors will compete in the same matrix as senior competitors.
  • The top 3 pilots from the juniors and seniors will comprise the USA WC team (i.e. 3 seniors, 3 juniors).

Early in the year of the TS event the committee chairman will start another RC Groups thread on the Team Selects. That will be the signal to clubs that are interested to prepare and send in their bids (proposals).

If you have any questions ask any of the F5 committee members. Thanks.

* Full F5 Team Select Committee list is available at this link. Scroll down to “F5B/F5D” list.

2019 USA World Championship (WC)

The 2019 USA WC team manager was David Beach. Website is here:

Team Selects for 2019 WC

Team Selects is the process of conducting one or more competition events with the goal of defining the team of USA pilots who fly at WC events. The USA Team Selects event was held in Denver on Sept 1-3 2018, details here, results here. Congrats to #1 Oleg Golovidov, #2 Charles Morris, and #3 Jonathan Garber for making the seniors team. Also congrats to #4 Toby Herrera for making it as a team alternate.

F5J WC 2019 Results

The event was held on August 12-16, 2019 in Trnava, Slovakia. See the September and November 2019 Tour newsletters for details on the WC event results.

F5J WC approval process with the AMA

The AMA has a formal program for supporting and sponsoring WC teams that includes funding assistance and insurance coverage for Team Selects and WC events. This program is thoroughly explained in the AMA’s World Championship Teams “Blue Book.” It is beyond the scope of this summary to cover all the details but suffice to say there were a number of formalities that had to be worked through but the AMA formally accepted F5J as a new WC competition format.