2018 Tour Event Sponsors

The F5J USA Tour would like to extend our sincere appreciation to those sponsors who have stepped up this season. See below for a description of how the basic program works.

Last sponsor update: 1-12-2018

Event  Sponsors
F5J in the Desert,
Dec 2-3, 2017
RC Dude Hobbies, Neu Motors, DinogyLipo, Soaring Circuits, Soaring USA, Flight Comp
F5J at Visalia,
Mar 24-25
Event sponsorship available
East Coast Spring F5J Festival,
Apr 7-8
Event sponsorship available
F5J in Vegas,
May 6-7
F5J at Visalia,
June 2-3
Event sponsorship available
ESL F5J Tour,
June 2-3
Event sponsorship available
2018 Polecat F5J,
June 14-15
Event sponsorship available
F5J in Rhode Island,
June 30-July 1
Event sponsorship available
F5J at Hollister,
July 14-15
Event sponsorship available
Buzz Averill Memorial F5J,
Aug 25
 Event sponsorship available

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How the Event Sponsorship Program works

This informal program connects F5J product sponsors with clubs and event organizers. In some cases these sponsors will offer one or more products to be given away at a post-contest drawing. For some events there may be a direct sponsor investment e.g. helping to cover costs of more expensive venues. Here is the general way it works:

  • The F5J USA Tour maintains a calendar of 2-day Tour events.
  • F5J product vendors and distributors are invited to sign up as a primary sponsor for any available 2-day event, first come first served (each vendor gets to pick one event at a time).
  • Secondary sponsors are welcome to join in, especially at the larger competitions.
  • Primary sponsors are encouraged to display a full sized banner at the field and set up a display booth.
  • Event sponsors are highlighted in the RC Groups contest announcement thread.
  • Events that have a sponsor that is contributing products will hold a drawing at the conclusion of the event. This encourages everyone to stay through the flyoffs.
  • Each pilot in the contest is given a single ticket on day 1 of the contest. No additional charges should be collected for this ticket.
  • Pilots should be present to participate in the drawing.
  • Either certificates or actual products will be given out to the drawing winner(s).

The above are not hard and fast rules; the basic idea is to harness the power of drawings for cool F5J stuff and help increase interest in your event.