FAI F5J Altimeters

Updated 12-19-2021   This page presents the latest list of F5J altimeters (AMRT) that have been approved by the FAI for use in F5J competitions. The direct FAI link to the latest approved list with approved firmware revisions is available here (22 Aug 2021 list). This link changes fairly often; if the link takes you to “Page Not Found” then click FAI Documents, then click the “APPROVED ELECTRONIC DEVICES PER CLASS” choice below, then click the “F5J AMRT Approvals List” selection.

Aerobtec: Altis v3, Altis Micro Device Terminal, Altis v4, Altis v4+, Altis Nano
Esprit Tech: Elite AMS
GliderKeeper – integral display
Greek Electronics:

Hepf Modelbau: HEPF AMS
Mvario2 Ex F5J JetiBox / JetiBox Mini

MAV Sense: MAV Sense AMS
Opale Paramodels:
Optronic AMS
SM Modellbau:
 Unilog 2 + UniDisplay

Soaring Circuits: CAMF5J
RC Electronics: #2 Basic FXJ Card Reader, Multi 2, Multi 3