Pilot Maps

Tour events are getting bigger and drawing more pilots and from farther away. These interactive maps display the city and state of the participating Tour pilots. You can mouse over markers to see the pilot names; click on the marker to see name and city/state. Circular markers with a number indicate pilots within each cluster. Click or zoom into a cluster to see the individual pilots. Hope you find these maps useful!

Southwest Classic F5J map F5J South East map F5J in the Bluegrass map


Note to CDs: How to submit your pilot list

We are happy to create a pilots map for your event when you have at least 30 pilots signed up. The format is a simple 2-column spreadsheet or CSV file. The first column contains the first and last names separated by a space, the second column contains the city and state separated by a space. State can be either the standard 2-character abbreviation or the full state name.

Example CSV file using a comma separator:
Name, City-State
John Doe, Denver CO
Fred Jones, Miami Florida
Henry Williams, Portland OR
James Butler, Los Angeles CA

Please no blank lines. When you email weekly updates please only add new pilots to the end of your pilot file i.e. do not re-order your pilot list.

Email your pilot list file to Chris Bajorek (if you’re a CD you already have my email). Thanks!