Welcome to F5J-USA.com

Finally it looks as if F5J contesting is gaining some USA tailwind (so to speak). As of this post there are four 2-day F5J events in the queue for the 2017 season. So with that jump in interest we are launching this website.

Since RC Groups (RCG) has been so successful in capturing discussion on F5J the main purpose of this website will be to act as a central place you can view the master F5J contest schedule as well as links to many F5J-oriented discussions and contest event details already posted on RCG and elsewhere.

If you have suggestions for other content on this site please don’t hesitate to send them our way!

Good thermals,
Chris Bajorek


4 thoughts on “Welcome to F5J-USA.com”

  1. Hi Chris,

    May I be the first (I think) to leave a comment and congratulate you on setting up this site for F5J!
    Very needed.

    I hope it’s OK to make a shameless plug to anyone reading that in Phoenix on December 3-4, the second annual F5J in the Desert is being held. The East Valley Electric Flyers (EVEF) is holding the contest at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek (SE of Phoenix proper). This year’s contest is also serving as the second leg of the US FAI F5J Inter-Tour and hoping to increase the acceptance and popularization of F5J!

    Registration is $45.

    PLEASE follow the link below if you wish to register. We want lots of pilots to enjoy this tremendously fun yet challenging competition format. F5J is not limited to big expensive moldies. If you have a Radian with a CAM unit you can fly this event! The RCG contest listing below has a link to the F5J rules, but if you’ve ever flown ALES, it’s just a slightly more challenging variation. Come join in the camaraderie of competition and register!



    -Ed LaCroix, EVEF President
    AMA 290291

    • Hi Ed, thanks for the kind words and welcome to the F5J-USA site! By all means feel free to contribute comments & news anytime. I just added your club to the Clubs page. Good luck with your event and hope to see you there. –Chris

  2. Thanks a lot for running the web-site. I know how much time it can take.

    A question about Tour scores. When a fly-off is used, how are individual pilot scores calculated? For those in the fly-offs, their scores will be higher by a considerable amount, compared to those not in the fly-offs (say 10 preliminary rounds 10,000 potential points, and 3 fly-off rounds 3,000 more potential points). I suppose that can be intentional, but may be discouraging for lower skilled pilots. We always have some unhappy pilots when we use fly-offs in F3K events unfortunately.

    • Hi Oleg, thanks for the question. We have used the INTERTOUR scoring rules as the model for our tour. Dec 31 edit: I just updated the Pilot Standings Scoring tab on the tour info page to better answer your question: Qualification (not flyoff) rounds are used to compute the normalized pilot score. The flyoff ranking is only used to set the Pilot Count Bonus for all flyoff pilots, then the qualifying rounds ranking is used for all the rest of the pilots.

      In any case with 2017 FAI rules the CD is able to decide whether to have flyoffs or not. This allows them to choose the option that resonates best with the participating pilots. The F5J in the Desert/Phoenix event earlier this month chose no flyoffs and everyone seemed okay with that.


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