F5J in Slovakia: Contests in August

I received a nice email from Juraj Dudáš, contest director for Model Club Trnava in Slovakia. This is the club that manages the popular international Intertour F5J contest series. Club Trnava is also very active in hosting F5J contests themselves.

Club Trnava concludes their year’s flying season with a triad of back-to-back F5J contests in mid August. You can see the pilot’s list here. The flyer for the Dubnica F5J event is here. As of today there are 188 pilots from all over the world signed up for one or more of these contests.

You might be interested in the maximum pilot counts for each of the competitions: a limit of 112 in the Dubnica F5J event (96 enrolled so far), a limit of 144 in the F5J World Trnava Visegrad Cup (162 enrolled, presumably a waiting list), and a limit of 144 for the 2nd F5J World Challenge 2017 (177 enrolled).

I’m happy to report that USA pilot Ali Khani (FlightComp) will be participating in the World Challenge on Aug 19-20. Have a great contest Ali and report back how it goes.