2023 Tour Positions

Below are F5J USA Tour tasks that are currently performed. Contact Chris for details on what each task entails and if you would like to be considered for taking over any tasks. I will keep this page up to date with volunteer status.

Last update: Sept 30 2022

(1) Tour chairman
2023 status: GREAT NEWS!  Warren Day has been appointed to the Tour Chairman position and will begin serving starting Dec 1, the start of the 2023 season.

(2) Handling event applications, maintaining Tour Calendar (big task, need position filled by Nov 1 when 2023 applications are accepted)
2023 status: OPEN

(3) Tour web page editing
2023 status: OPEN

(4) Tour standings posting
2023 status: OPEN

(5) Maintain f5j-usa.com website, maintaining Tour email list, sending Tour list emails
Chris Bajorek will continue to do these in 2023 but the Tour and Calendar page editing need to be picked up by someone else.

(6) Financials
2023 Status: Jim McCarthy has graciously volunteered for this.

(7) Tour season award plaques artwork and ordering
2023 status: Ken Becker has graciously volunteered for this.

(8) F5J Apparel online store
2023 status: Ken Becker has graciously volunteered for this.

(9) Tour Advisory Groups
2023 status: TBD. The individuals in both the Tour’s Advisory Groups (https://www.f5j-usa.com/f5j-usa-tour-information/) will need to decide if they want to continue serving the Tour beyond 2022. It will be up to the new Chairman to decide who he wants in the Advisory Group(s).