To: F5J USA Tour pilots
From: Chris Bajorek, Tour chairman
Date: Sept 1, 2022
Subject: This is my last year

I’ve made the decision to step down from my Tour chairman spot at season’s end and greatly reduce my Tour workload. It’s been a good 6 year run and I feel that I have been successful–with major help from both Advisory Groups–in putting F5J on the USA map. It’s now time for me to step aside and let the Tour move forward with new leadership and volunteers. My reason for announcing this early is that new help is needed by Nov 1 when the 2023 season contest applications start rolling in.

A month ago (Aug 1) I announced this to the Tour’s Advisory Groups and asked if any would like to volunteer for 2023 Tour tasks (page HERE). Jim McCarthy from our Advisory Groups has volunteered to do the finances and Ken Becker has stepped up for some tasks but critical Tour task positions remain unfilled for 2023. So it is up to you, the USA F5J community, to step up and carry the Tour forward. I’m ready to discuss the tasks and appoint qualified individuals to the open 2023 positions and help you spin up on details. The Tour has ~100 pilots who have flown at least 2 events this season– it is from that group that I would hope new volunteers will emerge.

In closing I want to say how wonderful it has been to meet so many of you and have some great competitions and fun together. My fondest memories are from the early years of the Tour when clubs and the early Tour pilots were all harmoniously working together to grow USA F5J. It was lots of work for many of us but also super rewarding times that I’ll not soon forget.

Thanks much!
Chris Bajorek