F5J USA Tour is on for 2017

If you are familiar with F5J you know that interest is picking up in the US: already 6 two-day contests are on the 2017 season calendar. So it felt like the time was finally right for organizing a USA tour with season standings and end-of-season awards. This tour is modeled after the F5J INTERTOUR (est. 2010) centered in Europe and including events from >25 countries around the world.

The F5J USA Tour season is Dec 1-Nov 30 which makes F5J in the Desert (Phoenix) our first event every year. Full tour info is here  where rules and guidelines are posted. Clubs and organizers are invited to register their 1 and 2-day F5J events by filling out our online application. One of the main benefits of having your event on the Tour is that we expect it will encourage more pilots to attend.

The F5J USA Tour Advisory Group includes the following key supporters and pioneers of USA-based F5J:  Chris Bajorek, Chairman; Lee Wolfe; Steve Neu; Lenny Keer; Larry Jolly; Jim Monaco. Thank you guys for your willingness to help.

Lee Wolfe and the entire enthusiastic East Valley Electric Fliers (Phoenix) club have set the standard for how to run F5J in the US. Their 2-day event from several weeks ago was a great success. Lee has shared some of his F5J contest setup tips here.

We hope to see many dedicated ALES pilots trying out F5J in 2017.  There’s plenty of room for both ALES and F5J in the US!

Any questions please let us know.  Hope to see you at the next F5J USA Tour event.

Chris Bajorek, for the Advisory Group