The F5J USA Tour is well established as the competitive F5J series in the US. With the 2022 season a fun new branch on North America’s F5J tree is being launched– an F5J club contest series focusing on local club contests in the USA and Canada: the F5J Monthly Club Series. The goal of this Series is to help clubs generate a boost in their monthly F5J contest participation. Clubs are the essential incubator for new F5J pilots that eventually feed into more competitive series.

We hope your club decides to jump in, share your monthly F5J contests with us in the Club Series, and grow your local F5J pilot list!

Thanks much, and remember: this Series is all about clubs and F5J pilots having Fun.

Ken Becker/SWSS — Tim Traver/ — Chris Bajorek/NES

This club series does not include or have anything to do with F5J USA Tour events or the Tour’s Advisory Group.

Club Series Links

Club Series Standings page   RC Groups Club Series thread
Help running self-timed contests   How to import F5J GliderScore contests
Tutorial-Viewing the F5J Monthly Club Series in f3xVault  (set playback quality to 720p)
Club Series Shirts, Hoodies, and Stickers

Here’s how it works

As an F5J pilot every monthly club F5J contest that you fly in (US and Canada) gets you a score entry into the monthly club series. We encourage you to travel to neighboring clubs and rack up more F5J Monthly Club contests!

As a club you are invited to submit your F5J contest scores to the RC Groups thread (with pictures and details we hope!) and into the Monthly Club Series on If you use GliderScore there is a “How to import” help page on how to upload your contests to f3xVault; if you already have your contest on f3xVault then you can directly add your contest to the Monthly Club Series (series name = “2022 F5J Monthly Club Series”); if you use any other scoring format we can give you specific help.

The F5J Monthly Club Series maintains a Series Standings page showing each pilot’s best 5 monthly contests. The more monthly contests you fly in the more chances you have to up your Series standing. After this Series has been running for awhile we may also add a Club Standings report that ranks score totals from a group of top pilots from each club. But let’s get this Series and the fun started before we add anything else.

There are no contest fees to pilots or clubs. There are no hardware awards since it’s all about bragging rights on and sharing your contest in the RC Groups thread. However, there’s a good chance that Ken Becker will design some cool awards shirts.

F5J Monthly Club Series Rules

Rules Last changed: 1-19-2022

1. The F5J Monthly Club Series season runs Jan 1 thru Dec 31.

2. Clubs can submit up to 10 monthly F5J contest scores in each season series. There is no requirement on dates other than each contest must be held on a different date. Schedule your club contests whenever you like, even multiple contests in a month if desired.

3. We ask that each pilot be entered with a single club in a given season. If you fly in a neighboring club’s monthly contest be sure to use that same home club name.

4. Your monthly F5J contests will use F5J USA Tour rules with these variances:

(a) ALES limiters are allowed; the F5J Start Height = ALES limiter height + 8 meters to account for zooms after motor cutoff.
(b) Minimum of 3 pilots and a minimum of 3 rounds per contest.
(c) “Self timing” is permitted to allow all pilots in small clubs to fly together in a single group.

5. Please only submit scores for 1-day club contests with at least 3 pilots that each complete at least 3 rounds. It is okay to also submit scores for fly-off rounds. No F5J USA Tour events can be submitted.

6. The Club Series Standings page is based on each pilot’s best 5 scores for the season.

7. Any club or person exhibiting poor sportsmanship (e.g. online, on-field, etc.) may be asked to cease participation in this Series. Keep it fun, people!