Date last revised: 8-25-2019

2019 North/South F5J Challenge – What is it?

The North/South F5J Challenge is the brainchild of Fred Weaver. Fred wanted to rekindle the annual North/South competition, fun, and camaraderie that existed for TD pilots many years ago in the North/South Challenge (at that time it was just NorCal against SoCal).

The North/South Challenge is open to all USA pilots and is all about bragging rights. Each pilot signs up for the North or South team–you get to pick your team regardless of your geographical location. The 2-day contest is an F5J USA Tour event that will count toward season points. No fly-offs, one discard spanning both days. The top pilot scores from each team (# of scores TBD) will be combined at the end to determine the winning team. A perpetual trophy will be given to the winning team to be held for the season as proof that their team is The Best!

When: October 26-27 2019

Where: CVRC field, Visalia CA


It is free to sign up for a team. The registration and contest fee will be established later; it will be in line with other 2-day Tour events.

How will the North and South teams be created?

You get to pick your team by filling out the online Team Signup form (button below). You can view the current team pilots list via the “View Team List” button below. PICK YOUR TEAM WISELY!  Once you have made your choice that is your team for this year’s event. Note there is no geographical requirement for signing up for a particular team–you pick the team you want to compete with.

Each team is free to select a team bandana/neck rag and design a team t-shirt if they wish. Designs can be posted at no charge as shirts for online ordering at the “F5J USA shirts” store.

Who can enter?

USA pilots. You must be a current AMA member. Your planes and limiters must adhere to the F5J USA Tour rules.

Need 25 pilots minimum
This event will take a fair amount of effort and some funds to make it go. So until we see at least 25 pilots signed up for teams we will hold off on expenses and planning details. WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR MONEY at this stage, just enough interest to sign up on a team. Thanks much!

If you are ready to sign up for one of the teams, click the button below (no charge to sign up for a team):

North/South Team Signup  View Team List

Who is running the event?

It will be run by NorCal Electric Soaring (NES), a new electric soaring club based in Northern California. Chris Bajorek is the organizer, CD is TBD. NES will host and run the event and will pay CVRC a field rental fee.


  • A perpetual North/South F5J Challenge trophy will be given to the winning team who will hold the trophy for the entire upcoming Tour season. We expect the winning team will take beautiful team pictures with the trophy and proudly display them online for all to see. Bragging rights!
  • 1st through 5th place Tour award plaques will be given based on the F5J USA Tour event standings.